The London Institute of Banking & Finance

A long standing organisation, The London Institute of Banking and Finance is dedicated to delivering financial services education from degrees all the way to coprorate and profesional qualifications, such as those for mortgage and financial advice.

Their primary customer engagement platform: a student and tutor site, holding details around studies, examinations and certificates.


At the time the organisation had started a digital transformation, so understanding customer problems was pivotal to the success of future and existing projects. During initial research of customer pain points with the company’s online platforms, we found the activation and forgotten password processes alone were causing 75+ calls per week to the company call center. The challenge was to completely redesign the organisations activation, login, and password reset process with the aim to improve these experiences and reduce customers calling the call center.


Being such a common use case, my team researched other online business leaders, such as Amazon, Aviva and even eBay. In the end we went with very similar solutions, offering customers the ability to reset passwords using their phone, email address or memorable word data. We also streamlined the customer activation process enabling default 2 Factor Authentication to enhance account security. The solution below focuses on the activation process flow.