Digital Detective

An innovative software house producing digital forensic software products designed to deliver cutting edge features for the preservation, extraction, analysis and presentation of evidence from digital devices.


During my time here, I redesigned the company website, web store and blog, but primarily I carried out duties as a Software Engineer and Tester on the organisations flagship browser analysis and data recovery software products, along with an in house CRM.


The organisations flagship product, a WinForms solution designed specifically for law enforcement conducting browser forensics. It supports the analysis of history, cache, cookies and other artefacts. Having powerful reporting capabilities the product enables forensic examiners to quickly gather evidence relating to user activity. The software also has powerful analytical tools to help decode and understand digital evidence.

Page Rebuilding

The web page rebuilding engine for the product was designed to support an offline HTML5-compliant viewer, capable of displaying cached web pages, videos and images, along with being able to play audio content. Allowing forensic examiners to view content from a suspects internet history as viewed.

Filtering and Searching

Several sprints were focused on the creation of powerful searching and filtering features, as well as a visual filter builder to allow examiners to create and store powerful search queries for future cases. Another feature we built into the product allows examiners to search by keywords and utilise keyword lists to assist with rapid evidence identification.