Development Trends
The Microservices Movement

Microservice based architecture is now way out in front over monolithic counterparts for many enterprises producing next gen products today...and for good reason. In this one we explore the microservices movement and why they are so powerful.

Why you should Ship Little and Often

??? So this kinda carries on from topics I have mentioned before around working on one task at a time. This time though, that task is a set of tasks broken down for an agile scrum team, working on some features. Little by little There are lots of sayings out there around this, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, “slow and steady wins the race” etc. The long and short of it when it comes Read more…

Digital World
The Entropic Web

In the online world, chaos reigns supreme and its the job of technology professionals to bring order to the ever tangled place that we call the entropic web.

10 Tips to Optimise your Workflow

Your browser does not support the audio element. Your workflow costs time, therefore its efficiency is really important as you go through you’re working life. In this one we are going to cover my 10 tips to optimise your workflow so you can ensure you have the most efficient work practices in place as possible. Although I am coming from an engineering viewpoint, many of the tips here can apply to other professions and even Read more…

Development Trends
The 3 Major Development Trends of 2020

Your browser does not support the audio element. Right now we can augment reality using our mobile phones and we can even talk to our apps and services! On top of that more and more sites and applications are predicting what we as end-users want! In this one, we look at the future of web development, and the 3 major development trends of 2020 and the years ahead. Welcome back, to Ordinal Walker. So as Read more…