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The 3 Major Development Trends of 2020


24th October 2019

Right now we can augment reality using our mobile phones and we can even talk to our apps and services! On top of that more and more sites and applications are predicting what we as end-users want!

In this one, we look at the future of web development, and the 3 major development trends of 2020 and the years ahead.

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So as Development has firmly shifted from the old relics of Winforms and Java Swing applications, long ago we as a society moved firmly to the web as our GUI of choice. But technologies have started to move so quickly, we are now moving swiftly into the next phase of humanity’s web-based technological advancements. With the age of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and speech recognition.

Artificial Inteligence

Whilst AI in websites or web apps, may not sound as cool as a self-flying plane or a machine that can conduct heart surgery. AI and machine learning algorithms are a huge game-changer for web applications.

One main reason for this, is data. No person can crunch data-sets at the same speed, nor with the accuracy of an AI machine. With that, the analysis of trends and user behaviours via AI programs will provide unparalleled insights to produce new opportunities and revenue streams for those companies that venture on to the AI development conveyor belt. Although mankind’s speed on this belt is currently fairly slow, make no mistake it is speeding up…every single day!

Think of it this way, soon, AI services will be able to feed insight and suggestions inside your web app, to identify trends across huge data sets, to understand and anticipate anything they need to. One obvious example is consumer behaviour and the automated management of adaptive sales tactics.

From a business perspective this could not be more valuable! Long term, businesses could quite literally (mostly) be running themselves.

In regards to development, engineering businesses will be instrumental in the production of these AI / ML applications and the value they provide will be bought, by companies and consumers in the area that the AI adds most value.

The Augmented Web

So the web is going to see AR changes galore going forward. The technology is starting to build pace and seeing the success of PokemonGo, the whole world will be finding new and inventive ways for this technology. So watch this space, new products are on the horizon.

There are a bunch of articles out there that talk about AR for the web, heres one from google:

And here’s another from SitePen:

Speech Recognition

So we can now also talk to our applications, through the web. This advancement for me is the big one and it will only push us as humans, further away from the mouse (finally), as we firmly step towards voice-activated controls.

Google and Amazon are already all over this space, with the well-known phrase “Hey Google” and “Alexa”. Heck Googles Duplex project shows how crazy things are going to be going forward!

With speech recognition, we’ll see applications on the web move toward a dual use method for interaction, being clickable elements, along with there voice activated alternatives.

Coming up soon I’ll post a demo of speech recognition inside a web application, to show how easy and cheap, the use of this tech really is! So watch this space.


With that, those are my 3 major development trends for 2020 and I think the next few years ahead.

As the final point to end on, in terms of business, the development of any valuable solution, utilizing these technologies…is no walk in the park, its a race to get each one out to market, before somebody else does! For we have now entered, the artificial intelligence, technology revolution.


Main Photo originally by Oleg Magni on Unsplash

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