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9th September 2019

Like most people I enjoy a good online shopping spree every now and then, but do you ever wonder if you got the best deal? Or has your online profile cost you…that little bit more?

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This one’s about, you guessed it Virtual Private Networks aka VPN’s and today we are going to explore how they can help you hide a part of you’re online presence so you can buy products, for less!

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network acts as a tunnel between you’re device and sites or services that you use when online.

When you visit a website or use a service, the physical IP address or public IP of that device can be used to categorise you, as a person online.

That said, a VPN can be used to mask you’re real IP address by providing an alternate one so you cannot be as easily profiled, by using a secure server in another location.

On top of that a VPN also encrypts the network you use!

Here’s one I love: expressVPN

How to get better deals online?

Clear those cookies!

Do you like cookies? Great, me too! Those web based ones though, yeah you should clear them before starting a new search.

Some sites use promo deal settings in cookies, as a way of determining if you as an online shopper, get to see the promo or not. By clearing you’re cookies you may just see a few promos you have already seen before…magically re-appear for you to use again!

More importantly, cookies play a big role in online profiling, so clearing them can help with that too!

Change location

Next up, start a VPN session and connect to a different location. Now engage incognito mode and navigate to the site you want to shop at, note down the prices and then close the browser.

There are no specific rules to getting better deals online, but what you might notice is that prices change based on your connections geo-location. So change locations repeat the process above, note down the prices and compare the deals…you may be surprised what you find!

Make it look like you have no money!

Some small advice though, one some online retailers have terms and conditions for purchasing through a VPN so be careful. Secondly if you’re online profile implies you have money (Mr/Miss/Mrs Apple iPhone / Mac Book / expensive kit in general) – > remember this: the name of the game, is to make it look like you don’t have money! ?

Want to learn more?

Check out this article from makeuseof to find out how to use a vpn to find cheaper plane flights online.


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